111 Hydrating Facial Mask (Dry/Anti-aging) 50ml


Dry / Very Dry and De-Hydrated / Anti-Aging


Super restorative and hydrating facial mask combating the aging process at a deep cellular level, accelerating the regeneration of new skin cells. The powerful natural/organic plant/herbal oil extracts feeds the skin, giving a healthy, replenished feel.  Smoothes fine lines,  helps eliminate sun damaged skin from age spots and pigmentation environmental damage.  Cypress cleans dead cells. Helps neutralise effects from sitting in front of laptops. The Rose oil is very good for nourishing dry skin. The Patchouli repairs skin from scars and damage. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and plumps the skin. It removes dead cells. Replenishes, repairs and revives skin.

Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. For best results, leave on overnight. Remove with a damp cloth.

This paraben free natural range offers hydration for normal to dry/very dry skin offers anti-aging benefits.

Ingredients include: Aloe Gel, Rose Oil, Shea Butter, Cypress, Patchouli

Read more about the ingredients: https://eden-life.co.za/ingredients

111 Hydrating Facial Mask (Dry/Anti-aging) 50ml

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