About Us

Who We Are

Trish has a certificate in Beauty Therapy and worked for Charles of the Ritz in Johannesburg as a Skin Care Beauty Advisor.

Celeste has a marketing background in the medical field and extensive product research experience. 

We have a heart to empower women in their Personal Identity and to see women discover and radiate their unique beauty from the inside out.

Our Story

We are very excited to announce that we have been wonderfully blessed with an amazing business “natural skin care range of products” (which we have rebranded), by an international beauty therapist who travels extensively and is very up to date in the beauty skin care industry.

The products contain pure plant extracts and top quality essential oils that have wonderful natural anti-aging, healing and restorative properties at a very affordable price.

Eden-Life is a quality, high-end skincare range which is comparable to top international brands, yet natural/organic and  affordable.   

Naomi Scheneberger, married to a medical doctor, is a highly qualified beautician, who trained and owned a salon in the United States, introduced us to this skincare range, which she developed after many years of researching and experimenting, together with a top herbalist in Cape Town.

They researched and prayerfully discerned which ingredients best blend together to nourish, feed, restore and rejuvenate the skin and that would also include healing properties.

The Eden-Life factory is based in Durban.

EDEN LIFE skincare range speeds up the cell renewal process, promotes regeneration of cells, and maintains healthy skin tissue. It hydrates, replenishes, and restores at cellular level, offers potent anti-aging benefits, eliminates sun damage, sunspots, pigmentation and effects of environmental damage. It also softens and reduces micro-wrinkles and fine lines around eyes and cheeks. It tones, tightens as well as increases and stimulates cell multiplication. (which slows down the ageing process).

Our AMBER bottling protects the high grade ingredients from ULTRA VIOLET light (of the sun) and preserves the QUALITY of ingredients for much longer.

Ingredients are both locally and Internationally sourced, offer the highest certified grade of natural, organic oils and pure plant extracts.  Some selected herbs are extracted by our herbalist, which feed and boost the skin, as well as have restorative and regenerative healing properties. It contains ingredients that, according to Dr Axe, help repair damage caused by SKIN CANCER and effectively restores dry, scaly and itchy skin, caused by ECZEMA and PSORIASIS.

The properties of our high grade FRANKINCENSE, herb and plant extracts boosts skin health and gives a more youthful lustre. It also locks in moisture and feeds normal and combination skin, giving it the right balance and a more youthful and hydrated effect. The ingredients give a therapeutic, healing and restorative spa experience.


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