306 Renewed Body or Hand Wash & Lotion (Gift Set) 2x200ml



This fresh, invigorating lemon herb scent replenishes the skin to its full radiance.  Restoring nutrients back into the skin at cell level, safely and naturally restoring your skin at the same time, preserving  your skin to its natural design, protecting and healing the skin.  The natural oils are safe to apply to the skin, without compromising skin health leaving the skin free of toxins and synthetic chemicals; paraben free.

The Gift Set includes a Quality Plastic Make-up Bag with Zip.

Body / Hand Wash Ingredients include: Rose Pelargonium Oil and Castile Soap.

Body / Hand Lotion Ingredients include: Nourishing Almond oil with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Aloe oil and Bees Wax.

Your SKIN  is the largest organ in your body, ABSORBING anything you put on it, and therefore it is essential to use products that will benefit the health of your skin. This Natural Hand and Body wash contains Rose Pelargonium Oil which  hydrates and nourishes skin leaving behind a delicate floral scent that lingers ? while the fresh, invigorating lemon herb Hand and Body Lotion replenishes the skin to its full radiance? High grade essential oils, pure plant extracts ?Paraben free, Anti-cruelty ? Natural Synthetic free.

306 Renewed Body or Hand Wash & Lotion (Gift Set) 2x200ml

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